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Investor Relations

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The Opportunity

PAS is positioned to dominate the global online shopping-auction entertainment marketplace with its nearly 300 international key word domains in over 30 countries. Also included in the domains are many of the most desirable .mobi’s to also capture the booming mobile market.

Penny Auctions are booming across the globe even though this is a relatively new business. Many of these websites are earning as much as $2,000 to $3,000 in revenues per hour with very high profit margins. In fact, the average profit margin ranges from 150% to over 800% of the retail price of the products. Recent studies show that members of Penny Auctions sites spend an average of $76 per visit and over 11% of members will spend $480 or more per visit.

Even Business Week Online has called the Penny Auction business model “a flawless, and I mean flawless business plan that ensures they are not only profiting from these auctions but flat out raking the money in”. Coupling its savvy management team and expertise in the online marketplace with the recent funding commitment of $10 million from Kodiak Capital makes PAS an extremely attractive business.

The Advantages Of Purchasing Stock In PAS

Penny Auctions already offer many consumer advantages because of the model itself, but it also makes an ideal investment opportunity as well. PAS offers the investment community several key advantages over other companies. Too, Penny Auctions companies work on a relatively simple operating platform which can be easily installed and supported. Some of the appealing aspects of investing in PAS and its business model include:

·  Early penetration provides the opportunity to be branded as the first choice in

    shopping- auction entertainment.

·  Our nearly 300 premium category-killer domains provide a huge advantage over future Sites such

     as organic search engine ranking, pay-per-click, and branding.

·  Highly visible domain names that will receive a lot of free traffic while other sites spend

     around a fortune on pay per click to drive traffic.

·  Premium domains (including .mobi’s) provide built-in trust and credibility with users.

The Benefits Of Penny Auctions

Penny Auctions are very appealing because of the benefits to the average consumer. It attracts both the young and old, males and females. Our target audiences are online consumers who enjoy shopping, gaming, and great deals. Since Penny Auction sites make a positive financial impact to the consumers’ bottom line, the result is that the more they spend, the higher the potential savings. The Penny Auction model also appeals to the masses because it combines the thrill of shopping and entertainment in an already exciting auction environment. Some of the consumer benefits associated with Penny Auctions are:

·  Winners obtain merchandise at an average of 80% to 99% off retail prices.

·  Auctions occur 24/7 and merchandise is automatically dropped shipped to winners

·  Auctions happen in a matter of hours, not days as opposed to other auction models

·  Auctions combine the thrill of shopping and intense bidding to form a highly captivating experienc

·  Auctions offer high end consumer products (laptops, TV’s, iphones, vacation packages,

   automobiles and other items that are in heavy demand.

·  Bidders can use their spent bids as credits to immediately purchase products at a savings off

   retail prices

·  Auctions are easy to play and users can sign up and begin bidding within minutes.

Viral Equals Profits

Penny auction websites tend to enjoy large profits because once people learn about the great deals; they feel compelled to tell their friends about it. This is why penny auction sites tend to take off and spread very quickly, like an idea virus. Penny auctions are very entertaining because, unlike eBay, penny auctions happen in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks or months. In addition, players are truly getting great deals on things such as new laptops and flat screen TV’s. The attraction of penny auctions is easily understood. In this economy, where many people are forced to “do without,” penny auctions give them a chance to get that new luxury item they couldn’t otherwise afford

Equity Line Of Credit From Kodiak Capital

As noted in our recent press releases, PAS is in the process of completing an equity line of credit transaction with Kodiak Capital and also expects to announce itself as a publicly traded company in the Fall of 2010. The completion (and effectiveness) of our Form S1 Registration Statement by the SEC is expected relatively soon. Consequently, we will begin trading shares of our common stock on one of the major stock exchanges and thus opening the door for additional investment opportunities in PAS. For further information about our current and future investment options, please contact us using the information provided in the following section.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Micheal Holt, COO, Corporate Director
Penny Auction Solutions, Inc.
Ph:  866-275-5260






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